Bishop T.D. Jakes Criticizes Some Pastors

Influential megachurch pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes believes many pastors are focused more on preaching than they are on bringing people to Jesus.

“This is something that I think we’ve kind of gotten away from. We have gotten more into preaching than winning souls,” he told fellow Texas pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church as they fished.

Jakes, who founded The Potter’s House in Dallas, noted that the act of witnessing often took place off stage.

“It used to be the preachers themselves witnessed in the grocery store anywhere, didn’t need a mic, didn’t need a crowd,” he said.

“What’s important about that is people will do what you do and if you’re not a soul winner, you can teach what you know but you reproduce what you are.”

His comments come as Young launched a new sermon series featuring professional wrestlers. On Sunday, the pastor interviewed Sting, a retired wrestler, on a stage complete with lights and a wrestling ring. Young told The Christian Post earlier that he wanted to do a series on wrestling for years now given how often it appears in the Bible.

During their fishing trip, Jakes called Young “one of the most creative preachers” he has ever seen. Young has often used props — including a sports car, a large model of a shark and a real lion in a cage, just to name a few — with his sermons.

When it comes to soul winning, Jakes remarked that just as fishing “represents one world going into another to bring things in,” you have to “go into the world, out of your element and bring people in.”

“There’s a wisdom. You have to be aware of how to talk. Yo use different kinds of bait for different kinds of fish. What church people don’t understand is you can’t go into the world and use church language and catch the world. You have to use the language that the world can relate to,” Jakes explained.

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Source: Christian Post

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