John Gray from Megachurch Lakewood Leaving

Lakewood Church pastor, bestselling author, and television host John Gray will be taking over as pastor of Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Ron Carpenter, the megachurch’s founder and current pastor, made the announcement in a video this weekend.
Carpenter said he and his wife, Hope, will be moving to California to take over Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, replacing the retiring pastor Dick Bernal. He will be gone from Redemption Church in May 2018, after a transition period with Gray which will begin in February 2018.
In his message, Carpenter said he had been considering the change for two years, but only wanted to turn his church over to someone he considered better than himself. He found that person in John Gray. Gray has preached at Redemption Church several times. He, his wife Aventer, and their children will be moving from Texas.


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