Michelle Williams And Fiance Will Wait Until Marriage To Consummate Relationship

*When it comes to avowed show business Christians like Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson, who are engaged, one can’t help but wonder how they hold back the forces of human nature at work between them.

Well, here’s is what we know. Thee two won’t be doing anything physical to each other, at least, until they are officially man and wife. By the way, their journey to marriage will be documented via the new OWN reality series, “Chad Loves Michelle.”

A press release for the show reveals that Williams, a former Destiny’s Child member, 38, and Johnson, a pastor, 41, have “vowed to consummate the relationship only after they are wed.”


“Having been together for a year and never in the same city for more than seven days, the newly engaged couple is turning to intensive pre-marital counseling to help prepare them for life together as husband and wife,” the press release reads. “Both are relocating to Los Angeles from different cities in the months leading up to their wedding, but not to the same bedroom.”

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