Politicians and Celebrities Rally Voters For Midterm Elections

Everyone from former First Lady Michelle Obama to U.S. Rep. John Lewis, and from Google to HBO, are promoting National Voter Registration Day in advance of November’s midterm elections that, by all accounts, will be critical to the future of the country.

The movement to get people to the polls is so great today that #NationalVoterRegistrationDay is trending on Twitter. Organizations and individuals posted a parade of ways you can register.

When We All Vote, a new, nonpartisan non-profit organization committed to getting out the vote, posted a 30-second video on Twitter from Michelle Obama urging the public to get registered.

“There’s another election coming up on Nov. 6,” Obama said. “That’s right, it’s almost here. And this election is your chance to hold your leaders accountable. It’s how you make your voice heard on everything from your kids’ education to the safety of your community. That’s why it’s so important to register right now and vote on Nov. 6 and in every election.”

Obama urges members of the public to visit WhenWeAllVote.org or text “WeAllVote” to 97779 in order to register.

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., who had his skull cracked during the Bloody Sunday march in Selma and risked his life so Black Americans could vote, also took to Twitter to make sure members of the public register.

“The right to vote is previous, almost sacred,” Lewis tweeted. “It is the most powerful nonviolent tool or instrument we have in a democratic society. Do your part. Get registered. Vote.”

Even the youngsters at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School got in on the act. The school in Parkland, Fla., was the scene of a fatal school shooting on Valentine’s Day.

“Registering new voters at Stoneman Douglas on #National Voter Registration Day,” posted the @msdclassof 2019 next to a photo of teens at computer keyboards.

Today’s Google Doodle is devoted to National Voter’s Registration Day, and even HBO, BET, Facebook and others are involved.

The observance was launched in 2012 to get people to the polls and is typically observed on the fourth Tuesday of September, according to the National Voter Registration Day website.

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