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  • Jonathon McReynolds No. 1 On Gospel Airplay Chart

    Chicago-based singer-songwriter Jonathan McReynolds notches his first No. 1 on Billboard‘s Gospel Airplay chart (dated Sept. 22), as “Not Lucky, I Am Loved” ascends 3-1...

  • Jonathan McReynolds Advises Artists On Gospel Music Industry

    Musician Jonathan McReynolds, active in the industry since 2012, recently gave aspiring artists several reasons to avoid pursuing a gospel music career. In a blog...

  • A Song For All Souls

    I was just reading through the gospel news, and all I could think about is how gospel music is like Jesus singing me a bedtime...

  • Gospels Greats

    Do you recall hearing your grandmother humming them old gospel hymms that just touched your soul, made you just want to stop and break into...

  • Gospel Jam In Chi-Town

    Looking for some summer fun and a close get away? Chicago will be hosting a gospel concert featuring… (Click here for more Info)

  • WOW…Who Knew

    I must have been in a deep sleep with the bears this winter. I had no idea that WOW 2016 was out on the market!...

  • Singing Praises Unto The Lord

    The Bible contains over 400 references to singing and 50 direct commands to sing…(click here for full story)

  • Sunday’s Best

    Proving longevity, consistency and excellence Myron Butler & Levi are… (click here for full story)

  • Singing, “Glory to God”

    Praise and worship seems to be universal… (click here for full story)

  • Gospel Music Varieties

    Christian music is an expression of our faith in the trinity and… (click here for full story)