What’s the History of Christian Hip Hop

Christian hip hop (originally gospel rap, also known as holy hip hop) is a form of hip hop music which uses Christian lyrical themes to express the songwriter’s faith. Only during the 1990s did the term “Christian hip hop” become descriptive of this type of music. Many mainstream hip hop artists have made acknowledgements of faith (including Kanye West, Ma$e, DMX, and Will Smith) but are not typically considered Christian hip hop artists, as the themes of their lyrics do not typically reflect spiritual faith, and often contain content considered blasphemous by some Christians. The audience is typically Christian, but is used in missions for the purpose of evangelization. Christian rap and hip hop artists are professed Christians in most cases, and use the fact that they are urban or suburban as a positive issue used to spread their religion, and like all Christian music, it can be experienced as Christian worship.


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